teaching science to young children can be challenging and fun at the same time. In ELINA STEAM’s EDUCATION INC., we try to provide children with a lively learning environment full of energy and enthusiasm in order to encourage them to get involved in scientific subjects. Supplying lots of objects to observe, asking children to collect raw materials for experiments, conducting easy science experiments using on hand materials and teaching simple scientific concepts to children consist the main parts of the activities done in this subject.

Within the context of education for children, science refers to the act of teaching simple scientific information and processes. The concept of science is often broken down into the following three fields or branches

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Physics – The study of simple topics like light, heat and energy, temperature, gravity, time, etc.

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Biology – The study of living organisms like reproduction of plants and animals, human body’s parts, movements and their functions, etc.

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Chemistry – The study of surrounding elements, learning about Acids and Bases, etc.