Mission and Vision

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ELINA STEAM’s EDUCATION INC.’s mission in Canada is to provide an equal condition for all students, prepares young generations to get to know their abilities and weaknesses and engages the parents in the educational process of their child. We used project-based learning methods which engages students in meaningful and complex situations, related to the STEAM subjects and directs them to find the simple practical solutions to these problems through the asking questions, researching to discover answers and applying what they have learned to problem solve. This approach prepares students to face real-world problems in an effective way and develop their skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and self-management.

All in all, we believe that the ELINA STEAM’s EDUCATION INC.’s pedagogical system results in talent discovery, creating critical thinking, enhancing team collaboration, communication and individual skills, fostering ingenuity and creativity, boosting curiosity and improving cognitive skills.

The vision of ELINA STEAM’s EDUCATION INC. in Canada is to create a modern educational system in order to guarantee a unique pathway for children education by customizing new subjects to Canadian traditional pedagogical system. To do so we try to practice the most up-to-date teaching methodology, cultivate staff who solve problems through collaboration, innovation, passion, and perseverance and involve parents in the children’s learning process.