By the advancement in knowledge and technology the need of applying new methods and techniques to Canada’s pedagogical system is obvious.

STEAM methods provide a blended learning environment, showing students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students critical thinking and focuses on the real-world applications of problem-solving. STEAM education begins while students are very young and it strives to create an appealing atmosphere for students, parents and staff, applying the most up-to-date teaching methods and strategies. The knowledge presented in STEAM education can be translated into almost any career that students want to apply for in future.

Since STEAM educational system in Canada is a novel method used for educating children from a very young age, children can get adjusted to the most up-to-date STEAM unique skills and expertise.

Self-efficiency, social perceptiveness and team work prepares children for the career of their choice.

We invite schools, students and their families to take part in our weekly meetings in order to get familiar with the classes’ circumstance and materials, didactic procedure and teachers and staff.